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Slide team slashes three-shift purge
process to just minutes 

It wasn't good. A maker of twist-off bottle caps spent 16-24 hours purging to accomplish a color change. Requiring multiple purges with a witch's brew of several different types of material, equipment was shut down for 2-3 shifts. 

Desperate for a solution that would re-capture lost production, they contacted their local Slide representative in Mexico City for on-site support. 

Slide NPT makes a house call 

The local Slide representative and a technician from Slide's headquarters in Illinois went to the molder's Mexico plant. Using Slide NPT NuPurge Technology purging compound, a thorough purge was accomplished in just 3 hours. The molder instantly re-captured two full shifts of production. 

Ecstatic, the plant manager requested Slide help them look at their purging procedures and try to reduce purge times to 60 to 90 minutes. 

Slide technicians hit the road 

Together the local Slide distributor and Slide technicians investigated the molder's equipment, materials and procedures. 

Armed with this wealth of information detail, Slide's technician again flew to Mexico, and along with the help of the local Slide representative and the molder's foreman, purged the barrel, screw AND the mold in just 55 minutes. 

A few more tweaks and purge times shrunk to 35-45 minutes. 

Today, the molder continues to have positive results with NPT and their new molding procedures, now molding parts instead of cleaning a machine. 

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