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New automatic spray unit pays for itself
in one day

New business is the lifeblood of an company. But a new contract had this molder hemorrhaging money and on the brink of losing a customer.

First, a bad mold would not release parts from 50% of the cavities. In addition, circumstances dictated they could not manually spray release into troublesome cavities.

The result, the molder had missed two deadlines, was throwing away thousands of dollars in material, and was in danger of missing a third deadline and losing the contract.

With no time to repair the mold, they went to their local Slide distributor for help.

Within 24-hours, Slide was on site installing their new Freedom Automatic Spray unit. Portable and compact, nozzles could be positioned to spray directly into the molds trouble spots.

The customer was immediately producing quality parts from the entire mold.

Slide hand-delivered cylinders of release as needed to help the molder keep pace with production. "The Freedom Unit paid for itself the first day we installed it" commented the molder.

Impressed with the molder's solution during an audit, the molder's customer awarded a new project on the spot.

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Freedom Automatic Spray Unit