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Mold Cleaner Success Story: "It’s Like Someone Applied Lacquer to the Mold Surface"

Lacquer on the Mold Surface
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The blow molding machine was down. Down much longer than it should be. The molder was running polycarbonate with RPC40 blowing agent, and it was the blow molding agent that was flashing off and burning, leaving a lacquer-like substance on the mold cavity.

There was also a problem with the molded plastic parts. The hot mold would soften the gummy substance on the mold cavity just enough to transfer onto the parts. This was interfering with post-mold painting.

The challenge

The mold needed to stay in production and it needed to be cleaned fast, right in the machine.

This is when the smart people ask other smart people if they have seen this issue before. And how it was solved.

The solution

After several tests with different cleaners, the molder contacted Slide Products to see if they had an answer.

Slide recommended NexGen mold cleaner and a Scotch® Brite pad. NexGen, an NSF P1 cleaner, is formulated with organic compounds that are extremely effective at removing resin buildup. NexGen breaks down resin deposits on the mold surface and unclogs vents.

The molder was instructed to spray the cleaner on the mold cavity. Wait a moment to let the gunk soften. Then scrub vigorously. Perfectly simple. Perfectly fast. Perfectly clean.

Slide has helped molders by introducing new formulations and coming up with custom solutions for over 60 years. That is a lot of experience, working with thousands of molders over decades. Give us a call, we might have the perfect answer.

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