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NSF vs FDA: What’s the difference?
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Why We Eliminated Chlorinated Solvents from All Products

Look again at the Safety Data Sheet for your aerosols and cleaning products. Are there chlorinated solvents listed? Do you see Trichloroethylene (TCE)? Toluene? Perchloroethyelene (Perc)? Then you need to read further.

Mounting data on chlorinated solvents continues to point to these chemicals as carcinogenic to humans. A new phase of research and evaluation is underway which appears to be moving to a likely elimination of these chemicals from products to which humans are exposed.

Slide Products was way ahead of the research. We made the conscious effort to eliminate these products once we felt it was in the best interest of our customers to stop using them. Yes, we eliminated chlorinated solvents before all the research was made public. We didn’t know about the research when we undertook this effort. But, when the research was made public it was additional affirmation of our decision.

Slide’s move toward safer products was spurred by the loss of our president, Jim Harms, to cancer. His illness had nothing to do with our products, but had us take a long look at how we could lead our industry to smarter, safer products. The effort to remove chlorinated solvents was made a priority. Today we offer a complete line of products with absolutely none of these solvents.

Better for your company.
Better for your employees.

Yes, a can of aerosol doesn’t seem like it is worth the time and effort to review. But look at your dumpster. How many spent aerosol cans and empty cleaning product containers are there. Each represents exposure to your employees. And it all adds up.

A smart, profitable manufacturing operation is built by people. And doing the best for the people who work there pays dividends every day.

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