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X-EMPT Mold Cleaner
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New X-EMPT Mold Cleaner Uses EPA-Exempt VOCs

California’s recent regulations required companies to completely re-think many of their formulations.

Slide decided to review all products impacted by the new regulations and create a single version of each product to be sold everywhere, not just California. This was no simple task. New solvents were tested and balanced with active ingredients to ensure each product performed as well or better than the previous formulation.

Slide adds products that use EPA–exempt VOC’s

And Slide is going even farther. We are researching and testing to leap–frog what we believe are likely to be the next set of regulations and now creating products that exceed requirements well into the future.

The result of our testing is our new X–EMPT Mold Cleaner. This is the first in an expected expanded line of products using acetone, an EPA–exempt VOC. Acetone was listed as an EPA–exempt VOC in 1995.

“When the EPA exempted acetone from regulation as a volatile organic compound (VOC) in 1995, EPA stated that this exemption would “contribute to the achievement of several important environmental goals and would support EPA’s pollution prevention efforts”. 60 Fed. Reg. 31,634 (June 16, 1995). 60 Fed. Reg. 31,634 (June 16, 1995). EPA noted that acetone could be used as a substitute for several compounds that are listed as hazardous air pollutants (HAP) under section 112 of the Clean Air Act.”– Wikipedia

There are other EPA–exempt VOC’s, but California has not recognized many of them and upon further review it is likely they will be hit with more restrictions. And as California goes, others have shown a tendency to follow.

You can look to Slide for innovative solutions that help you and your company maximize productivity while meeting future regulations.

To ensure our products meet your specific requirements, Slide offers Free Trial Samples, which you can order online at Or you can contact your local Slide Products distributor, which you can find here.

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