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How a Maintenance Tech Finally Removed the Crap from Narrow Mold Crevices

Removing The Crap from Old Mold Crevices
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Getting a mold thoroughly clean and ready to run should be routine for customers like Chris, a maintenance tech in Detroit. But despite repeated attempts spraying a mold cleaner into mold crevices, he simply could not remove the residue stuck inside.

Frustrated, Chris contacted the cleaner manufacturer for help, but when they could not provide a viable solution, he reached out to his local Slide distributor. The cleaner he was using was not a Slide aerosol, but Chris needed some help. He was in luck; not only did the distributor offer to make a “house call” to Chris’ plant, but he brought along a Slide manufacturing rep who was in the area that day.

After inspecting the mold, the Slide rep popped an extension tube onto the spray tip of a Slide aerosol cleaner he had brought along. The tube could reach into the narrower crevices and concentrate the spray.

Slide’s solution worked; after a quick power wash, the crevice was clean at last. The rep also explained that the tube is specially sized to fit Slide aerosol products. Other aerosol manufacturers may get their tips from companies requiring a different size extension tube.

With that problem solved, Slide’s team addressed another issue that Chris was experiencing – too much mold release being sprayed at once. The excess release was contaminating parts, resulting in extra cleanup time, lost productivity and reduced quality.

What Chris didn’t know was that Slide offers alternative spray tips at no charge that fit a wide variety of aerosol cans. Slide followed up by sending an assortment of spray tips for Chris to try out, enabling him to select the one that delivers a lighter misting in the spray pattern best for his molding application. Now that parts are no longer being contaminated by excess release, the plant’s productivity has bounced back.

Chris (not his real name) is one of the many customers who know they can count on Slide for help troubleshooting problems that impact productivity. Unlike other aerosol makers for plastics processing and mold making, Slide also has hundreds of local distributors ready to provide customers with support by phone, online and onsite. Backing them up are Slide technicians offering additional expertise.

Have a problem? Contact your local Slide distributor, call us at 1-800-323-6433, send us an email at; or go to our web site,

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