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Slide’s Most Powerful Resin Remover: “The Stripper”

Most Powerful Resin Remover - The Stripper

Save time and money by effectively stripping away mold residue and contaminants quickly and safely with Slide’s Resin Remover (41914). This unique and popular product actively removes resin buildup, gas and other impurities left behind by polyacetal, PVC, urethane and flame-retardant additives that tend to clog up the mold vents. This powerful formulation produces a solvent weld with the surface deposit and tears it away upon ejection of the part.

The huge time-saving advantage when using “The Stripper” is that it works while the mold is online, without having to take it out of service and to the tool room for cleaning. Slide Resin Remover is so effective that it has been endorsed by DuPont™, GE and Celanese® to eliminate “plate out” and works well with nylon-based products and other materials.

Directions for Instant Results

  1. Spray a liberal amount of Resin Remover to the “plate out” area on a warm mold (above 170°F), covering the entire surface.
  2. Lightly apply a mold release to help prevent parts from sticking to the mold except where there is residue; spray the core side of the mold avoiding any ejector pins.
  3. Close the mold after applying both the Resin Remover and mold release.
  4. Let the warm mold sit for 90-120 seconds.
  5. Start molding and discard parts until the residue is gone – typically in four or five cycles.

Do NOT leave Resin Remover on a cold mold overnight. The hydroscopic, slow-evaporating formula will absorb moisture from the air and rust the mold surface. If needed, treat with a Slide mold cleaner, alcohol or acetone to wash the mold, then promptly follow with a thorough application of our rust preventive.

Employ the Resin Remover to flush plugged internal spaces – first cover with a heavy layer in the internal openings. Then close the mold before injecting a short shot of resin into it, vaporizing the Resin and clearing the vent.

Protect your molds and maintain quality production with minimal rejects by using “The Stripper” on a consistent basis. Quickly and successfully rid vents and molds of unwanted resins, grease, oils and other unwanted by-products. Available in convenient-to-use aerosol cans.

Request a free sample to see for yourself, or schedule a no-obligation productivity assessment through our Top Tier Service program.

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