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Visit Slide at NPE 2018

You don’t know what you don’t know. Yes, you can search online and make a phone call to find out what is new or solve a problem.

Yet, you learn a lot when you look a person in the eye and have a conversation. In-person discussion helps quickly drill down and get all the facts. It’s a lot faster than email, or even a phone call. That’s why Slide Products has technical support people visiting plants and to see what is actually happening at the mold, at the machine and in the shop. It is also why Slide Products continues to invest in exhibiting at a few key trade shows every year.

Coming to NPE? Get a discount at Slide Booth #S32045

We have an incentive to find out what you don’t know about Slide Products’ solutions. A discount on your first order if you are a new customer, or when you are ordering a product you don’t current use.

It’s a thank you for stopping by the booth and talking to us. And we hope to impart a little processing and mold care wisdom you can take back with you to make your operation more productive.

What is the value of one good idea?

It is still advantageous to visit a trade show like NPE. Walking the aisles and talking to exhibitors expands your world, and introduces you to new ideas. A single nugget of new information can pay for the entire trip.

Or spend 45 minutes at a seminar. If you are like most, you become mired in the routine, your focus narrowed by what needs immediate attention. It can take effort to push aside the familiar and stretch the creative muscles to grow a business and find new opportunities.

NPE is one of the opportunities. If you invest the time to visit the show, consider finding out what is new in processing aides and mold care. You might find one of those valuable nuggets of inspiration, and of course, a discount on your order.

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