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Small, incremental changes in procedures will help you improve productivity. Something as simple as the rust preventive you use on your molds will make a difference.

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From storage to production just a bit faster
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How Dry Rust Preventives Protect Your Injection Molds

Whether you are pulling a mold from storage, or prepping it for start up after ceasing production the day before, a small change in your routine can get the mold on line faster.

Smart molders coat their molds with a rust preventive even during short lulls in production. Depending on the rust preventive, you must take time to remove it before molding. And worse yet, run several cycles to be sure nothing is leaching out and marking parts.

A “dry” rust preventive, one that doesn’t penetrate into ejector pins slides, cams and other moving mold parts, allows for fast, clean startups when the mold is put into production. This type of rust preventive even “flashes off” on the very first cycle so there is little or no extra time cleaning the mold. Suddenly you capture production time that was lost to mold prep.

One such rust preventive is Slide’s Mold Shield. It utilizes a proprietary combination of oils that leave a dry film on the mold surface. This unique dry feature provides protection for up to 2 years of storage while allowing for a fast and clean start-up. The dry oils stay on the mold surface and do not penetrate back into the ejector pins or other hard-to-clean areas, so startup is more efficient, saving you both time and money.

And for those molders looking to avoid the use of any chlorinated solvents, Mold Shield has none.

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