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Vol 1 Issue 10

3 Steps for Preventing PVC Outgassing & When Silicone Release Is a Bad Thing

Out-gassing is attacking

3 steps to help prevent damage from PVC out-gassing

Hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids can lead to pitting, oxidation, and other problems with a mold, die or other metal machinery in the vicinity....
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Uh oh…silicone

When silicone release is a bad thing...

Are upstream molding procedures causing downstream QC headaches? It could be residual silicone on the parts preventing proper adhesion...
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Surface Wetabililty

Plasma Treatment for Adhesion and Printing

Plasma treatment may be a viable, environmentally-friendly alterative for preparing a surface to receive inks, coatings and adhesives. Plastics Decorating has an interesting overview of the process...
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