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Squeeze out every ounce of profit
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5 Free Ways to Squeeze out Every Ounce of Profit in Plastics Processing

There are little financial treasures in your business just waiting to be uncovered. Here are a few places to start digging.

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Start testing: It’s time to stop making do with products that were less expensive and are actually costing you money. Mold releases, for example, come in all varieties and formulations, some more expensive than others. However, we have found you can use a lot less mold release and be even more effective by using more powerful formulations. In other words, get more production from a slightly more powerful product. Free trial samples are available to test your molding procedures and see if a different formulation will actually save you money.

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Start protecting: Simple little steps in rust prevention save hours of time and mountains of money. For example, use a rust preventive that has an indicator die. An indicator die will let you see what is covered and what you might have missed. Plus, rust preventives come in formulations to protect valuable mold steels over for different lengths of time, from overnight protection to years. Trial samples are available to help you with making the right choice.

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Start cleaning: The greatest offenders in shortening the life of equipment are contaminants. Small particles, grime and dirt cause friction and microscopic scratches that over time destroy the performance of equipment. Contact the manufacturer of your equipment and review the proper maintenance procedures, then check out the variety of cleaners available that will meet your needs. Some formulations will work without wiping, and leave no residue. Others get deep into cracks and crevices that can’t be reach by hand.

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Change your grease: Even the best lubricants wear out. Contaminants become mixed with greases and reduce their anti-friction properties. High-friction, high temperature applications start to break down the grease and allow parts to start rubbing together and causing damage. So a regular program of grease replacement will protect your investment and save you buckets of money over time.

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Change your buying habits: Take a look at combining your buying through fewer distributors. And look at buying local. You pay significantly less in shipping, products arrive more quickly, and by combining more of your purchases you can earn greater discounts.

Also look to your local distributor to provide expertise and experience in helping you solve problems. They work with a number of manufacturers across numerous industries, so they can use that knowledge to help you find answers to vexing problems.

You can learn more by our various resources and trying out our Product Selection Wizard at

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