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NPE2024: The Plastics Show Highlights

Highlights from the NPE2024 Plastics Show in May

The NPE2024 show that took place on May 6-10 was a huge success! For those of you who were able to attend, we hope it was an enjoyable and educational experience and we appreciate the opportunity to interact with you at our booth. The overall turnout and enthusiasm were much greater than expected and reflective of the need for industry people to get out and mingle with other profes­sionals after a six-year break due to the covid pandemic. The trade­show pulled out all stops by drawing attention to some of the amazing latest innovations and sustainability in our profession.

NPE2024 broke records – it was attended by the most international audience ever and welcomed the youngest generation of plastics professionals:

• Total registrations: 51,000+

• Countries represented: 133

• First-time attendees: 63%

• Attendees under 40: 30%

The Slide team was well-represented by our factory experts, additional staff, distributors and members of our marketing company at Belniak Media, Inc. The booth was busy, and we accumu­lated over 500 leads for potential customers. We also assisted four of our key distributors by spending time working at their stations. Slide has added a new internal salesperson to assist in following up on all of our new prospects.

Slide Distributor Dinner and NPE Booth

The Slide group was dressed to kill, sporting matching Hawaiian shirts on Monday and colorful jellybean tops on Tuesday. The “guess the jellybeans” contest and Plinko board game helped make the whole experience more fun, with giveaways that included hot sauces, shot glasses and tumblers.

The Slide team dinner took place Tuesday evening at the Ever­glades restaurant at our hotel. Our distributor/partners gathering on Wednesday night was at Maggiano’s. We hosted 90 industry friends, many of whom were able to meet new people or re-acquaint with those they already knew.

Thank you to every one of our valued customers and hope to see you at NPE2027 or sooner.

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