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If Getting Parts to Release Is Like Removing Ivy from a Chain Link Fence, Change Your Mold Release

Some parts just refuse to let go, snarling cycle times. Maybe it’s an old mold you inherited. Or a design that defies an econmical resolution. The right mold release could be the answer.

Here’s how to evaluate a release and eliminate the hanger’s-on that slow cycle times:

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Plan an evaluation. To get meaningful results be scientific with appropriate standards and procedures.

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Do the test using your toughest part. If that looks good, try it on other parts molded with a variety of resins.

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Make sure that you have a benchmark for comparison. If you are spraying every sixth shot on part X, see if you can do it with every seventh or eighth. Each additional cycle without spraying can add up to a significant savings.

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No debris. Be certain to thoroughly clean the mold and remove all traces of the old mold release.

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Be consistent. Be sure that molding conditions do not change during the trial. It is best to set up and make evaluations of all releases during one press operation session.

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Use an entire can. After picking the most effective release(s), run the test with a single full can and record the number of parts that are molded. Now you can determine the cost effectiveness of the release.

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Select based on productivity. Lastly, don’t purchase a release based on the cost per can. If a release isn’t effective, saving pennies may cost you big money in productivity. In addition, look closely at just how much is in each can. The actual amount in each can of release may vary between products and manufacturers. What you are really interested in is how many parts can be molded for the dollars spent on release.

Now that you have the facts established by your release evaluation, you can calculate the best release for the buck for that particular resin and part.

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