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How the Right Mold Release Will Get that Dog of a Mold to Stop Barking

You would think all the latest technology used to design and build molds would result in every molded plastic part simply POPPING right out and looking perfect. And doing it thousands of times without any variation.

Yeah, right. Computer modeling and precision mold making have driven out many of the issues causing plastic molded parts to stick. The latest molding machines are smarter and offer repeatability never seen before in manufacturing.

Yet, there is always that one dog of a mold. You wince when it is time to drop it into production. Maybe it is an old mold you inherited. Or maybe it’s for a new molding project. But, there is something about the combination of engineered resins, mold design, cycle time, part design, something, that causes one little bit of the part to hang at some point in production.

It’s not worth a mold rebuild. It doesn’t happen often enough to make the project unprofitable. It does make you cringe when the alarm kicks on.

A simple, economical solution could be a mold release. And we aren’t talking about your grandpa’s mold release. Release agents have undergone many changes over the years, and come in various formulations to meet critical molding requirements. Paintable and non-paintable, acceptable for food applications, NSF-certified, releases that also protect against corrosion, etc.

Technical support is often available to make your search for the right formulation short and efficient. And free trial samples you can actually use in production let you test various products to find the perfect fit for your application.

Yes, that dog of a mold isn’t going away, but maybe the right mold release will stop it from barking.

You can go to and request your trial sample, or contact Slide for technical assistance to quickly narrow your search and get just a few samples selected specifically chosen to meet your application.

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