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Slide Is Your Guide for Effective Rust Protection

Slide Rust Preventives

You’ve invested thousands in your molding equipment. Don’t put your valuable assets at risk for corrosion and deterioration by not taking the necessary precautions or using inefficient or sub-par rust preventives. Additionally, plastic parts made from molds affected by rust are likely to have quality problems.

Many generic anti-rust products may not be effective in industrial applications and are also likely to be causing permanent damage to your equipment. The tool steel composition of the mold is likely to rust from moisture, vapor residues and other substances to which it is exposed.

Slide has years of experience in developing highly specialized formulas for protecting your investments. We have worked hand in hand with our customers to create, develop and refine quality industrial solutions that increase process efficiency and decrease overall cost.

Slide’s Family of Specialized Rust Preventives

Our rust prevention products have been designed, manufactured and recognized to be well-trusted throughout the plastics industry market. The chart below will help simplify the product selection process by highlighting key elements.

Rust Preventive Selection Chart

Test Slide Before You Buy

Our customers know they can count on Slide to troubleshoot issues that can affect productivity, including the problems associated with rust. But don’t just take our word for it – we offer free trial samples so you can see that our products are as good as we say they are! For comprehensive support that we have been proudly providing for nearly 70 years, contact your local Slide distributor, call us at 1-800-323-6433, email us, or visit our website at

Is Your Rust Preventive Actually Working?

Is Your Rust Preventive Acutally Working?

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