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Using the Wrong Lubricant Can Melt Your Profits

Slide Super Grease

Proper lubrication of ejector pins is essential to preserve the life of your injection molding tools. Using an inferior grease can have costly and time-consuming effects in production. Grease products that have lower melting points or contain a color will tend to melt and run into the mold cavity, potentially causing contamination and discoloration of the parts being produced. Slide’s Super Grease was designed to alleviate both of those concerns and eliminate the need for subsequent cleaning or scraping.

Previously manufactured in an aerosol formulation, Super Grease is also offered in a convenient mini 10-gram tube. Featuring exceptional load-bearing properties, the lubricant will not separate, run, fall out, freeze, melt or gum up.

Super Grease non-aerosol is a paintable, clear, non-yellowing formula and ideal for injection molds, mold assemblies and medical and food-grade plastic parts (NSF-certified as safe for food environments). In addition to repelling water and preventing corrosion, it provides excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. The smaller squeeze tube makes Super Grease even more convenient for smaller lubricating projects that may occur throughout the plant.

This non-silicone product features dielectric properties, is compatible with many other lubricants, and suitable for use on both plastics and elastomers. With an operating temperature range of -45°F - +650°F (-42°C - +343°C), Super Grease is FDA approved, USDA rated and listed as an H1 formula.

Super Grease is also available in an aerosol formula, 14-ounce tubes (to fit a standard grease gun), 3-ounce tubes, 7-pound cans, 35-pound cans, and 400-pound drums. As with most of Slide’s offerings, you can try before you buy by requesting a free sample.

Slide’s Website Commitment

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In conjunction with our digital marketing partner, the Slide team has an ongoing dedication to making our website an industry leading resource. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience and make sure that our product and service information is easy to locate with a minimal number of clicks, regardless of the type of device you use.

Some improvements that have been made recently or are in the works include:

  • Simpler, enhanced navigation area – find what you need quickly and seamlessly
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Slide is always open to hear about other suggested improvements to our website, or any issues you experience while browsing. Feel free to send us a note.

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