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Vol 1 Issue 7

Importance of Mold Layout Sheets & New Aerosol Government Flammability Rule

My mold wouldn't fill out today

The importance of the Mold Layout Sheet

The IML (injection mold layout) sheet is a critical element of the information chain. In sequential order, it documents mold, part, and other performance issues that may arise during a typical production run....
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Aerosol pictogram

Every aerosol maker has to follow a new government flammability rule

Your aerosol hasn’t changed. The formulation is sitll the same. But what before was determined to be non-flammable might now be called ““flammable” due to the new government math...
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Mold care for long-term storage

Mold care for long-term storage

Is your mold out of service for more than 6 months? There are smart steps to take to ensure it is ready to mold when you are....
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