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Turn Used Aerosols into Recyclable Steel
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Cans to Cash: Turn Used Aerosols into Recyclable Steel

You likely go through hundreds, or even thousands, of aerosol cans each year. Used aerosols may have remnant liquid hazardous waste which could work its way into our groundwater. Or cans could be still pressurized. Pressurized cans have the potential to explode at landfills.

The proper way to dispose of all these cans, which are considered hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), would be to seal them in a drum to be processed at an appropriate disposal facility.

They definitely should not be tossed “as is” into the dumpster. Improper disposal of aerosol cans carries of risk of hefty fines.

Environmentally smart can save you money

There are systems that can minimize the high cost of hazardous waste disposal and turn empty aerosol cans into recyclable steel. This can reduce your hazardous waste disposal costs and put more into the recycle stream and less in your dumpster.

An aerosol disposal system safely depressurizes the can, collects all residual liquid and filters VOC’s to meet RCRA regulations of scrap metal. This allows them to be recycled or safely disposed. You should check your local regulations to be sure any new system complies.

This is what we do at Slide

As an aerosol manufacturer, producing millions of cans each year, we have strict, safe disposal standards in place. Serving multiple industries with a vast number of product formulations, Slide uses a technology that is tested and verified by the joint US EPA and California EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program. This system has saved us money by minimizing our disposal costs and allowing us to responsibly recycle our used stainless steel cans. It is a significant part of our company-wide recycling efforts.

If you would like more information on the system Slide Products uses to responsibly recycle aerosol cans, feel free to contact us.

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