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Run your mold like a race car driver

Race Car Driver
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When I first started out racing, there was a desire to blow the doors off the other guy to win. But that is not how to win races. Races are won by shaving fractions of a second off each lap and making pit stops rare, and quick.

Get your molds out of the pit faster

There are a few scenarios where quick turnarounds maximize productivity.

1) You want to keep molding, but flash-off impacts part quality

Your car pits for new tires. Old rubber off. New rubber on. Go. It’s the same for molds. The right resin remover will quickly strip off baked-on resin on a warm mold. The key is the warm mold. The right mold cleaner will remove the resin before the cleaner evaporates. Spray. Wipe. Mold. You know you have won when at the end of the day to part count is more.

2) Get your part to drop sooner

Drivers know time is shaved off in the turns. Wait to brake as long as you can and take a line to maintain the most speed and accelerate out of the turn. Molding is no different. You wait for just the right moment to cycle, dropping parts just when the pin will eject without marking the part. A light coating of mold release helps ensure parts don’t hang, you eject at the earliest moment and parts perfect. The bin is full and QC signs off on the entire run.

3) Your mold is protected from rust, but needs to be ready to run

Entering the pit is part of racing. Being ready to exit as soon as possible is imperative. So yes, there are times your mold must go offline. And you need to protect it from rust during cool down and overnight. But you can be ready to mold in seconds. Use a rust preventive that flashes off on the very first cycle. Your mold is protected, but ready to accelerate out of the pit at a moment’s notice.

Find out how you can trim cycle times and make your part count grow at the end of the day. Ask the Experts at Slide Products.


Remove resin at the mold: Resin Remover & On-Cycle

Light mold release: EconoMist

Short term/overnight rust preventive: Mold Shield

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