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Wet Purge
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Consider A “Wet” Purge to Save Time & Money

Yeah, why would you put something “wet” into the screw and barrel to purge. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Yet, there are circumstances where a soft-scrub approach to cleaning the screw and barrel makes a lot of sense. Plus, when you think about it, resin has melted and is “wet” as well. So you really aren’t introducing something wet into a dry medium.

A liquid purge does not require time to soak, either. Instead, the liquid purge works with the carrier resin to scrub the screw and barrel, removing color and the current resin and readying components for the next color or resin to be introduced. Many times it is all you really need. It is faster and far more economical than purging with cracked acrylic alone. And it is extremely economical when compared to more conventional purges.

It is almost odorless. Heat stable. Non-toxic. And non-flammable. And it can be used for injection, extrusion and blow molding processes.

Facilitating the purging process with a purging compound has been shown to dramatically reduce downtime and gets machines ready faster. With the cost-per-hour of machine time gradually increasing, keeping machines productive as long as possible is just smart business.

Slide Products makes a liquid purge, P.D.Q., that has proven itself for decades as an extremely economical and fast purge. Ideal for color-to-color and resin changes, this light-duty purging compound is available two ways: First, a self-measuring bottle that “meters out” exactly the amount you need, eliminating waste.

Second are pre-measured packets you just drop directly into the hopper. Just drop, purge and go.

In either form, P.D.Q. takes up little inventory space and is so easy to use operators can quickly understand how to use it with no supervision.

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