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Even your best performing mold at times needs to be benched.

You need to have more than one type of mold cleaner on your shelf. Some mold cleaners work best on a warm mold while it is in the machine. Others are better for thoroughly cleaning a mold on the bench.

The determining factor is mold temperature. Using a solvent designed for the wrong mold temperature may result in poor cleaning or excessive time to accomplish the job.

With their very fast evaporation rate, offline cleaners readily dissolve resins, grease, oil, mold release and sometimes rust simply by flushing the mold with a heavy spray from top to bottom.

In some situations, a cloth saturated with cleaner may be required to scrub mold release and resin build-up off the mold. Pre-saturated mold cleaning wipes make this job easier. Among their advantages, wipes are:

Guaranteed to be sterile, lint-free and clean

Perfect for precision cleaning

Pre-saturated with the ideal amount of solvent

Easy-to-use, with non-hazardous disposal

Another option for offline cleaning is mold polish and cleaning compound – a combination of solvents and mild abrasives that has proven effective in removing contaminants from mold and die surfaces. It comes in a paste that must be applied and removed manually. A side benefit is that it leaves a surface sheen or luster that serves as a natural lubricant and mold release, minimizing the need for other products when the mold goes back into production.

Slide Products’ Mold Cleaner 4 is our most popular mold cleaner, and it is NSF certified P1. Mold Cleaner Wipes are our lint-free, pre-saturated towelettes. And Mold & Metal Polish restores surface finish, while providing a high, luster sheen.

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