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Offline or Online Injection Mold Cleaners

Offline vs. Online Injection Mold Cleaners

There are two main categories of mold cleaners: Offline and Online. You should choose the right mold cleaner for your specific application process. This is the best practice and goes a long way to protect the performance and integrity of your vital mold making machinery.

Offline Mold Cleaners

These mold cleaners should be used in a situation when the mold is cold on the bench. Offline mold cleaners are utilized to dissolve resins, grease, oil and rust and are ideal due to their fast evaporation rate. Some of these solvents contain hydrocarbons and naptha and offer tough cleaning power.

Here are some examples of Slide’s effective offline mold cleaners:

Quick Injection Mold Cleaner

IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner

Injection Mold Cleaner Wipes

Online Mold Cleaners

An online mold cleaner specifically formulated to be applied when the mold is warm and in the press is the best selection for higher temperatures. This type of mold cleaning agent is designed to sit on the mold long enough to remove excess release, plate out or other contaminants before evaporation occurs.

Here are a few of Slide’s premier online mold cleaners:

On/Cycle Mold Cleaner

Resin Remover Mold Cleaner Aerosol

Nexgen Mold Cleaner

As a basic part of your mold maintenance schedule, it makes good sense to select a mold-cleaning agent customized for the proper temperature at which it is being used. In other words, the correct mold cleaner is one that is formulated for a specific job application. Mold cleaners in general are designed to remove resin deposits, silicone, excess debris, rust and other contaminants. However, a higher or lower temperature can have an effect on the performance of your mold-cleaning product.

Slide Is Your Guide

Our customers know that they can count on the Slide staff and distributors to assist them in finding the right offline or online mold cleaning formulations that best suit their individual needs. We offer free trial samples so you can see that our products are as good as we say they are! For comprehensive support that we have been proudly providing for nearly 70 years, contact your local Slide distributor, call us at 1-800-323-6433, email us, or visit our website at

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