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Are you spraying a carcinogen?

Spraying A Carcinogen?
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There is a possible health hazard lurking on your shelf or work bench. Your mold release, mold cleaner, rust preventive or ejector pin grease might have it. The chemical is trichloroethylene and you need to check now.

At a recent meeting with a molder we found they were using products containing trichloroethylene. About nine years ago the EPA determined trichloroethylene is likely a human carcinogen. Slide had already removed trichloroethylene and all other chlorinated solvents from every formulation. We told the molder and the reaction was complete surprise. They had no idea of the potential danger to their employees.

The chemical is NOT in any of Slide’s products. None.

How to find out

Industrial products are not required to list contents/formulations on their product. Instead, there is a Material Safety Data Sheet available for each product. That is where you will find out if there is trichloroethylene in the product. We have found over 20 products, including mold cleaners, rust preventives and mold releases that still contain this chemical.


Look at the back of the can. If the HMIS diamond has a #1, your product MAY have trichloroethylene.

HMIS Diamond


Next, look at the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) you should have received from the manufacturer. If you don’t have it, go to the manufacturer’s web site, or use your search engine, to look up and download the MSDS. This is where you will see the contents.

MSDS Reference


If you have found there is trichloroethylene in your product and you want to switch to another product, the Slide Switch Tool will quickly and easily help you find the better product from Slide.


Or, you can Ask A Slide Expert. Contact us with the product you currently use and we can help you find the best alternative.

There is a more detailed story about trichloroethylene in our NEWS section. To read more Click Here.

You can be productive. And be safe. Slide is ready to help you with expertise and experience.

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