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EVs Provide New Opportunities for the Plastics Industry

Electric Vehicles and the Plastics Industry

Electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain global popularity as eco-friendly replacements for combustion engine models. Savvy plastics industry professionals are taking advantage of fast-growing opportunities in this market.

A new high-performance, heat-resistant material with outstanding thermal and insulation properties has recently become available from a Japanese thermoplastics supplier called Durafide PPS 6150T73. This durable, lightweight product was developed specifically for use with lithium-ion batteries and diminishes the possibility of fire due to excessive heat in the event of accidents or other adverse events.

Some examples of the use of this material include:

  • Battery components – Durafide can maintain the necessary insulation properties of busbars and module covers, thus improving safety and performance.
  • Powertrain components – PPS is the ideal constituent for connectors, sensors and actuators. It’s not only lightweight but yields a superior degree of protection against excess temperatures.
  • Other components – Durafide can also be found in electrical parts, interior trim and charging ports.

More generally speaking, plastic solutions for EVs offer many benefits over traditional materials. These include weight reduction capabilities, safety advancements from strength/durability, reduced production/operation expenses and sustainable eco-friendly interiors.

The demand for electrically powered transportation is rapidly expanding. Plastics will prove vital in helping to control manufacturing costs and offer better benchmarks of protection concerning consumers’ well-being. In addition, the tie between the automotive and plastics industries will become much tighter. See our in-depth article, Electric Vehicles Are Impacting the Plastics Industry.

Slide’s 2023 Holiday Schedule

Slide 2023 Holiday Schedule

The holiday season is fast approaching, so we want to update all our customers on Slide’s upcoming schedule which will be similar to what we’ve been doing for the past eight years. For Thanksgiving, Slide will be closed on Thursday and Friday (November 23-24). For Christmas break, we will shut down between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so our team can spend quality time with their families. The plant is closing at the end of business on Friday, December 22 and Slide can process and ship orders that are received prior to closing. Our reopening date is Tuesday, January 2, 2024, right after the New Year’s federal holiday.

We appreciate your cooperation in placing all requests with as much lead time as possible.

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