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6 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Plastics Processing

Maximize Your Profits in the Plastics Industry

As we near closing out 2023, we can look back and see that the financial status of the plastics processing industry was a mixed bag. Some of the positives included increased demand in technological industries and a growing need for sustainable plastics. Challenges worth mentioning involved rising inflation, labor shortages, labor disputes, supply chain disruptions and sluggish activity in a few end markets like construction and automotive.

A modest domestic industry growth of 1-2% is expected to continue into 2024. Perhaps this is a great time to do everything in your power to plan and ensure you can squeeze every ounce of profit from your operations. Here are a few tips:

  1. Rigorous testing: It’s human nature to jump to the least expensive products even if it could be costing you money in a larger sense. As an example, mold releases are available in several varieties and formulations at many price points. Using a stronger formula at a higher price that gets the job done correctly essentially is cheaper since better results occur from a powerful product.
  2. Protecting: Simple rust prevention techniques can save lots of time and cash. Rust preventives with indicator dyes allow you to see what’s protected and what’s been missed. Different mixtures are manufactured that safeguard valuable molds for varying lengths of time. These can work fast as overnight protection or afford years of coverage against deterioration.
  3. Cleaning: Contaminants are the greatest offenders in shortening the life of equip­ment. Grime, dirt and particulates cause friction and microscopic scratches that slowly eat away at your investment. Be sure to gain a good understanding of the maintenance protocol from the manufacturer, then research the varieties of mold and die cleaners that will meet your needs. Some formulations need no wiping and leave no residue; others penetrate into cracks and crevices you can’t reach by hand.
  4. Changing your grease: When impurities become mixed with greases, they wear out and their anti-friction properties are compromised. Abrasion and high temper­atures can break down the grease and parts start to rub together causing damage. It’s the same reason regular oil changes are necessary in vehicles. Consistent grease replacement will guard your investment and save money.
  5. Go LEAN: Reduce production expenditures by adopting lean manufacturing principles to streamline processes, elim­inate waste and improve overall efficiency.
  6. Changing your buying habits: Look at buying local and combine your purchases through fewer distributors (or only one). You’ll be rewarded by lower shipping costs, timely deliveries and possibly earning bigger discounts. Your distributor can also be an asset in providing expertise and support with problem solving, troubleshooting or just good advice.

Slide’s factory experts and local distributors are always happy to assist you to ensure that you are maximizing your molding opera­tions and bottom line. Learn more about our Top Tier Service program, find a distributor, or use our product finder to easily locate comparable formulations to what you’re currently using.

Slide’s Holiday Schedule Reminder

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A reminder that Slide will be closed for Christmas break between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, so our team can spend quality time with their families. Operations will shut down at the end of business on Friday, December 22 and reopen on Tuesday, January 2. Slide can process and ship orders that are received prior to closing. We encourage you to place all requests with as much lead time as possible.

We extend best wishes and a happy holiday season to all our valued associates and look forward to a successful 2024 for all!

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