Rust Preventives

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Rust Preventives from Slide Products

Protect your investment. Slide’s rust preventives provide protection overnight, during short shutdowns and while in long-term storage. Slide has rust preventives that are NSF registered, and others with indicator dye to make it easier to see where the spray covers and what is missed. Dry formulations will not bleed out and mark parts.

Mold Shield Rust Preventive No. 42910P

Unique "dry" formula

2-year protection

Will not bleed out and mark parts

No-Rust Rust Preventive No. 40212M

5 year protection

Displaces moisture while sealing mold from outside condensation

Non-silicone, non-wax formulation

Quick RP Rust Preventive with red indicator dye No. 42810RP

Red tracing dye helps ensure complete coverage

2-year protection

Will not bleed out and mark parts

Acid Vapor Neutralizer Rust Preventive No. 44011P

Protects a mold when molding PVC and flame-retardant resins

Provides dual protection against moisture and hydrochloric acids

White Rhino Rust Preventive No. 46710P

Ideal for mold assemblies used to produce food packaging

NSF category H1

2-year protection