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Aerosol vs. bulk... which is the best way to spray?

Aerosol vs. Bulk

There are two general methods of packaging any chemical formulation: aerosol and bulk (liquid). While how the product works may be similar, the methods of delivery offer different advantages.

Aerosol is the perfect formulation

Aerosol products, by their very nature, are designed to be portable. They can be easily transferred from one workstation to another. Aerosols also offer the highest level of atomization resulting in a very fine mist containing extremely small droplets of the product. Product is applied to the mold surface with a very light and even coating providing maximum functionality of the product. And finally, the contents of an aerosol product will stay in solution throughout the life of that can, ensuring that the last spray works like the first.

Bulk is the most economical

The primary advantage of using a bulk or liquid chemical formulation is the potential cost savings as compared to an aerosol spray. But you need to keep in mind that extra spray and application equipment may be needed to effectively use a bulk formulation. While the aerosol product is ready right out of the box, a bulk item must be part of a system to both atomize and deliver the product to the desired surface.

A final point to consider is the potential for that mixture to separate and change during periods of non-use. Allowed to sit undisturbed for an extended period of time, any oils and other heavy ingredients may separate from the carrier solvents and fall to the bottom of the storage container. Agitation may be required to ensure that the mixture returns to its intended state.

If you decide that a bulk or liquid product is right for your operations, Slide provides most of our products in 1, 5, and 55-gallon containers. We Slide offer a number of delivery systems to help make usage easier and more efficient. These items include:

Test Slide Before You Buy

Using an effective processing aid like those offered by Slide will help to increase your manufacturing efficiency and decrease your overall costs. We fully encourage you test out our products. The best way for you to know that the Slide products are as good as we say they are is to get them in your operations. Trial Samples of all Slide products are available online at www.slideproducts.com. And unlike many other companies offering these processing aids, Slide Products has an extensive network of local distributors available to aid you with your product selection. If you are interested, please email your request to Slide Products.

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