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Slide Products First Monday Enewsletter

Vol 1 Issue 1

Purge Savings

True Story: The simple change that saved thousands

Switching to a different purging process is now saving one molder over $79,000 per year. And that's just on one machine. Imagine how much could save.
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Mold Leaks

Water is drowning your production

Rather than eliminate random water leaks, molders simply put up with them, thinking that’s the less expensive option. One molder – a 20-press facility on the West Coast – took a different approach and discovered the unexpected true cost of water leaks.
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Cleaning Molds

Wait! What’s the stuff on the mold?

If you cleaned the mold and there’s still resin residue, it’s time to try a different cleaning technique. Here are some simple steps to help you choose and use the right mold cleaner for the right job.
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