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Use Slide Bulk Mold Containers and Save Money

Slide Aerosol vs. Bulk Formulations

Slide’s formulations are available in both aerosol and bulk variations for chemical mold cleaners, mold release agents and rust preventives. Each type has specific advantages and disadvantages, depending on the individual application.


The main advantage to using aerosols is that no special equipment is needed for atomization of the product. These units provide a very fine spray of droplets. An economizer spout is a 1/16th inch diameter tube that can be inserted into the nozzle of the container when there is a need to reach into fine crevices. Because of the expense of the pressure can and propellant system, aerosols are generally less cost-effective per pound of raw materials utilized.

Bulk (non-aerosols)

Bulk mold cleaners can be a better money-saving choice than aerosols once the cost of the integrated spray system is realized over time. Diligence needs to be taken not to leave bulk containers open since a significant amount of product can be lost due to evaporation. Slide provides 1-, 5- and 55-gallon containers as part of our bulk product line.

Spray Delivery Systems

  • Pump sprayer and bottle (42300) – Trigger type, hand pumped sprayer with a polyethylene container. This is a chemically-resistant unit designed to withstand the rigors of housing and spraying chemicals.
  • Charge-It! (43600) – Refillable and rechargeable aerosol accessory – stainless steel and acetal construction to prevent corrosion. Fill the bulk product into the container no more than 2/3 full, then screw on the top. A standard tire valve allows you to insert compressed air into the container.
  • Air-O-Spray (42202) – Handheld unit features a polyethylene container that is chemically resistant to virtually all commercial solvents. Connect the hose to an air compressor with a minimum of 50 psi; trigger provides off-on control for a medium mist.

Other commercial spray equipment can be substituted provided any part that comes into contact with the bulk product is chemically resistant to triggering a negative reaction. It is recommended that Viton™ is used in the O-ring seals and other components to withstand the solvent contained in Slide bulk products. Do NOT use a pump sprayer from the hardware store with no Viton™ O-ring – solvent attack and pump failure will occur quickly!

The Little Black Dot Secret

The Black Dot on Aerosol Cans

Here’s a little-known hint to help maximize productivity and minimize expenses. Most aerosol cans (including all made by Slide) contain an inconspicuous feature to ensure the user can get every ounce of product from a can. Near the top of the canister, right under the spray tip, there is a small black mark. This spot corresponds to the direction at which the dip tube inside the can is pointed. If the spray tip is rotated to align with it, and the can is tilted with this mark facing downward, the liquid inside will flow to the lowest point and be drawn up and out the nozzle head.

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