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Reduce Costs & Safeguard The Environment with SHARP

Slide Hazardous Aerosol Return Program

Since July 2020, the Slide Hazardous Aerosol Return Program (SHARP) has been instrumental in facilitating cost savings for our customers and supporting them with proper management of harmful environmental materials. This free service enables you to return your Slide-labeled aerosol cans to us for proper HAZMAT disposal. The only cost incurred is a shipping fee to send the used aerosols to our plant in Wheeling, IL.

This is part of Slide’s ongoing commitment to help keep hazardous run-off out of our planet’s ground water. Remnant chemical waste is collected, incinerated and turned into energy which is sold back to the power company.

If your current aerosol cans disposal plan involves having canisters picked up by a waste removal service, there are likely several related charges including weight-based, environmental, pallet and associated pick-up costs. The fees are estimated at between 10 and 12 cents per can. By eliminating these charges, your savings would more than cover the price of shipping the cans back to Slide.

Since its inception, we have had many enthusiastic customers sign up for the SHARP program. We are the first and still the only company in our industry to offer this service, in addition to our other environmental initiatives. Slide is proud of its track record in honoring our pledge to support every possible effort to protect the environment.

A larger manufacturer of industrial valves in the northeast had previously been using a firm to come and pick up their cans for disposal. This customer has happily shared with us that SHARP is saving them thousands of dollars annually, even when factoring in the shipping costs for returning the used cans.

For complete information and to sign up for the program, visit, or register directly through your account area.

Injection Molding Manufacturing Expo

Injection Molding & Design Expo

Slide will be represented at the Injection Molding & Design Expo in Detroit on May 25-26. If you are in the Detroit area, please stop by and visit us at Booth #120. Attendance is free, and you can register online.

The people behind Plastics News and Injection World magazines created an exciting new show and it focuses solely on injection molding manufacturing. Renowned experts from a North American supply chain will address current industry efforts on how we can make better parts and lower costs while still meeting global sustainability demands. It will be a must-see workshop at this year’s show!

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