Why is Slide offering the SHARP service?

Slide Products is taking a number of steps to reduce our impact on the environment. For example, we already properly manage the hazardous waste we generate and we are continually looking for new ways to reduce and someday, eliminate it. Right now any remnant chemical waste we produce is collected and incinerated, and turned into energy that is sold back to the power company. This decreases the load placed on landfills and helps prevent potentially dangerous materials from leaching out and polluting the surrounding environment.

In addition, a solar array has been installed and now generates up to 42% of the energy we need to manufacture our products.

Now we are asking you to send your used Slide aerosols back to us.

Slide Products wants to keep hazardous materials out of the waste stream, protect our ground water, and help you reduce hazardous waste handling costs. Slide will now take back used Slide-labeled aerosol cans for proper hazmat waste processing and recycling.

How does the SHARP service work?

  1. Sign Up

    We’ll follow up with complete instructions and labels to place on your return shipping containers.

  2. Accumulate your used Slide aerosol cans

    Toss the Slide can into a collection box. We recommend using an empty gaylord, but it’s your choice. The more cans that are returned as part of a single shipment, the lower your shipping costs will be.

    We want the whole Slide can and nothing but our cans – not crushed – with the Slide label still on it. The spray tips MUST be removed from each can for legal transport back to slide. Only Slide-labeled aerosols are eligible. That’s because we know our formulations and can easily include them in our existing waste handling program. We don’t know what the other guys have in their aerosol cans.

  3. Ship it

    You only pay to ship the accumulated used cans back to Slide. Slide takes care of the rest. That means you don’t have to pay for, or worry about, hazardous waste disposal of empty Slide aerosol cans.

    Our shipping department is happy to help you create the right paperwork. Send all questions to

Can I save money with this service?

If you are properly disposing of aerosol cans, having them picked up by a hazardous waste disposal firm, there could be a fee based on weight, environmental fee, pallet fee and a pick-up fee.

Slide estimates the cost of proper disposal of an aerosol can is between 10 cents and 12 cents per can.

By returning your used Slide aerosol cans, eliminating all the fees, you could actually save more than the cost of shipping the cans back to Slide.

Why shouldn’t I just toss a used aerosol can into the dumpster?

Depending on the contents of the aerosol can, they can be considered hazardous waste. You’ve seen warnings about hazardous waste at hospitals and other locations. Would you just throw an aerosol can in the trash and let that waste seep into the ground at a landfill? By practicing proper aerosol can disposal, you avoid hazardous waste getting into the ground, water, and other areas around your home and community.

Why keep used aerosol cans out of the landfill?

Used aerosol cans are rarely 100% empty. Just because the aerosol can feels empty, and it can’t be sprayed, the remaining liquids and gases could make their way into the ground if the aerosol can is buried in a landfill. Steps need to be taken to remove and properly dispose of liquids and gases and keeping them out of the ground.

Why do you only accept Slide aerosols?

Non-Slide aerosols have different chemical formulations. At this time we are not able to properly dispose of those chemicals.

Convert to other Slide aerosols.
Keep more hazardous waste out of landfills.

You may only use one, two or more different Slide aerosols. Consider converting your other aerosols to a Slide product. All of our aerosol mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives and greases can be returned to Slide for proper disposal.

Take the next step to help protect our environment.
Sign Up for SHARP.


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