Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FDA approved, food-grade and NSF-certified?

This question again? Really? Well, there has never been FDA approved. Honest. Food-grade and NSF-certified means you can spray it on a plastic cereal dish used for your corn flakes. An NSF-certified product means an independent 3rd party has reviewed the product and says we can use their expensive logo on the can.

What products do I need to be compliant for parts used in food applications?

We gotta lotta food-grade stuff. Here’s a link to our products for food applications.

What products do I need to be compliant for molding medical parts?

Looking to up your game I see. Here’s a link to our products for medical molding.

What products can I use in a clean room?

Wow, great question. You don’t want aerosols floating around. No lint on the mold. Here are some effective procedures and products that we recommend. And check out this helpful Medical Mold Maintenance Best Practices article.

How can I quickly remove flash-off right at the machine?

Yeah, we get that question a lot. Resin Remover gets that crap off with the mold still in the machine. Gets molding ramped back up in a flash…pardon the pun.

What is the fastest way to eliminate specks and streaks when changing resins?

Gosh, well, we recommend using a purging compound instead of pumping through a lot of resin. If you want to know just how much hits your bottom line, try this purge cost calculator. Maybe schedule a free purging consultation.

What should I use to protect my mold overnight?

To be able to jump right in and start molding the next day, we got a really cool “dry” rust preventive that flashes off on the first cycle. No muss, no fuss.

Where can I find the Safety Data Sheets?

Easy. Here is a link for current SDS. If you don’t see what you want, send us a note here.

Can I buy directly from Slide?

We have some nice distributors near you, but, yeah, we’ll take your money if you want to Buy Now.

Are Slide’s products considered hazardous waste?

If it’s not growing in your garden, consider it hazardous waste. It is safest to dispose of Slide’s aerosols with a licensed hazardous waste disposal firm. But even better… We want our cans BACK. See how with SHARP.

What is the shelf life of Slide’s products?

Geeze, dude, get it off the shelf and use it. But just so you know, Slide has a 3-year warranty on our products. And, if it doesn’t spray, you know it’s just too old.

Do you offer filling services?

You betcha. But, no hand-sanitizers! Just industrial-strength cleaners and other not-at-the-grocery-store stuff. Get the details here.

Do I need a paintable or non-paintable mold release?

Are your parts going to be made even prettier with paint, shiny sparkles, a cool label or stamped with an awesome design, you need a paintable mold release. Select the “paintable” filter on the mold release page to narrow your search to view only paintable mold releases.

Are your parts staying as is, in the buff, just as you molded them, no worries about a hint of mold release on them? Well then, you can use a non-paintable mold release.

If you are molding a part for a food application, here is your food-grade special section. Molding medical parts? We have medical covered here.

Are Slide’s products classified as HAZMAT?

We got gas (compressed gas, that is) in our aerosols. So, when they ship, they have a HAZMAT designation. The good news… we have the know-how to ship without extra hazmat fees via UPS and FedEx ground. However, if you want it on a plane you pay an extra HAZMAT fee, and it does not include a snack or beverage.

What are the Harmonized System (HS) codes for Slide’s products?

Slide uses the following HS Codes. HS Code 3403.19.1000 is used for our lubricating products (mold releases, rust preventives and ejector pin grease.) HS Code 3402.90.5030 is used for our cleaning products (mold cleaners and purging compounds.)


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