September 9th, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on medical injection molding technology, causing a focus shift on automation and the capability to work smarter. The early days of the virus brought a harsh realization of the industry’s dependence of U.S. companies and the offshore supply chain.

The global Plastic Injection Molding for Device market is expected to grow at a rapid rate in the coming years, according to the report released in June (2021-2027 Global and Regional Plastic Injection Molding for Medical Device Industry Status and Prospects Professional Market Research Report).

The additional market demand has and will continue to facilitate the need for increased productivity, less downtime and speedy deliveries. Husky, an injection molding machine manufacturer, has responded by strengthening production on medical equipment and introducing new products to meet the changing needs of the medical market. Other leading manufacturers have echoed this strategy.

This increased demand will also affect manufacturers and suppliers of mold care and molding solutions for medical protocols. Strict procedures for compliance with NSF-certification need to be in place. Michael Muth, President and Sales Manager of Slide Products says “Slide is aware of the increasing market value and sales opportunities regarding medical molding solutions and we have taken steps to ensure that our supply chain and inventory are able to meet the increasing demands of this industry.”

Medical Molding Maintenance Checklist

  • Aerosols should never be used in a clean room environment as drifting can contaminate the production area. Hand-spray pump bottles and lint-free wipes are better alternatives.
  • Powerful cleaning is required while maintaining the integrity of the space. Isopropyl alcohol works well for mold and metal cleaning, is easily applied with a spray bottle, and approved for medical applications.
  • Rust is an issue even in environmentally controlled areas. Critical components need to be protected while the mold is still in the machine.
  • Sticky parts require extra help and for medical molds there is zero room for error. Strict adherence to acceptable formulations and application is critical.  Pump sprayers are used to target trouble spots on a mold.

Proven Slide Solutions

Slide’s collection of NSF-certified formulations was designed to accommodate the best standards available for medical molding applications.

Mold Releases

  • EconoMIST Mold Release Spray mold release agent (NSF category M1) improves part release and optimizes cycle time with a solvent-free, dry, light silicone spray.

Mold Cleaners

  • Mold Cleaner 4 (NSF category P1) quickly removes silicone, grease and residue with no chlorinated solvents – evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
  • NEXGEN Mold Cleaner (NSF category P1) offers more cleaning strength and can be used to help break down resin deposits.
  • On/Cycle Mold Cleaner (NSF category P1) is for use on warm molds at the press. It quickly removes mold release, grease and oil from mold surfaces.
  • ISA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner (NSF category P1) contains no chlorinated solvents, is 99% isopropyl alcohol with fast evaporation.

Rust Preventives

  • White Rhino Rust Preventive (NSF category H1) protects up to two years under normal indoor storage conditions by creating a tough protective barrier and even neutralizes fingerprint acids.

Ejector Pin Grease

Let Slide Be Your Guide
Slide representatives are always available to assist you with your medical injection mold maintenance needs. We offer free trial samples of our products, and we would be happy to consult with you on individual requirements and applications. You can contact us through our website, through a local distributor, or by phone at 1-800-323-6433.


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