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Liquid and Aerosol Packaging

Take advantage of our turnkey, contract manufacturing services for aerosol/liquid can runs of 1,200 to over 50,000+ units. Other aerosol/ liquid filling and packaging companies typically require a minimum of 2,000 cans.

Our contract filling and packaging is available for degreasers, penetrating oils, lubricants, brake cleaners, silicone sprays, and rust preventives – to name a few.


  • You work with our onsite chemical staff to develop a formulation for your products
  • You supply a ready-to-fill concentrated material or Slide will procure the needed components which we then will aerosolize to create your final product

Contact Slide at 1-800-323-6433 or email us with your specifications.

Aerosol Can Filling Process

Why work with Slide:

When partnering with Slide for your fulfillment projects you’ll enjoy 70 years of industrial experience with a dedicated onsite lab and chemistry staff at our convenient Midwest location. We offer you the opportunity to create your own brand for a truly personalized packaging solution, competitive quotes and fast turnaround times. We can either fulfill your existing formulation, or develop one based on customized individual needs.

Products that we can fill

What we can fill:

Some of the most popular items include degreasers, commercial and farm equipment lubricants/rust preventives, penetrating oils, brake cleaners, silicone sprays, CyanoAcrylates (CA) Glue Accelerator, urethane foam release, enamel finish products, dry film coatings, a variety of inks, paints and formulations for food processing and packaging environments.

Products that we don't fill

What we are unable to fill:

There are a few types of products we are unable to satisfy. Some of these include personal care (i.e. hairspray, deodorant, cosmetics), hand sanitizer, disinfectants and antimicrobial goods.

Aerosol Can Filling Process

Our packaging options:

Aerosol packaging:

  • 16 fluid oz. cans / 211 mm x 604 mm size cans only
  • 2-piece and 3-piece aerosol cans are available
  • White or black caps available standard – specialty color caps can be ordered
  • Lithograph printed cans are available, as well as paper or pressure sensitive labels
Aerosol Can Filling Process

Bulk liquid packaging details:

  • All sizes from 1 oz. containers to 55‑gallon drums through 330‑gallon totes
  • Customer supplied packaging or packaging sourced by Slide Products
Aerosol Can Filling Process

Minimum order quantities and lead times:

We can produce small runs of 1,200 cans per formulation. Orders will ship within 30 days of Slide receiving all necessary raw materials, any specialty packaging and labels requested. Many times, that’s a worse-case scenario and orders are shipped within two weeks of obtaining formulation components, specific packaging and labels.

Aerosol Can Filling Process

Label design:

We have a professional designer who will help you create the perfect branding for your product if you do not already have available artwork or are simply looking to upgrade your current identity. Essential GHS formatting is part of the graphics produced by our contracted designer.

Aerosol Can Filling Process

Production run in action:

In this video we show a typical production sequence from filling the cans with liquid to adding the dip tube and finishing off with the cap. Our line is highly automated and efficient – the average time is 38-42 cans filled per minute.


on injection mold releases, mold cleaners, rust preventives, ejector pin grease and purging compounds

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