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Slide Bulk or Liquid Dispensing Options

Slide Bulk or Liquid Dispensing

Lately we’ve received several inquiries about available delivery systems that are needed and intended to be utilized with Slide’s bulk or liquid formulations. The main advantage of using a bulk or liquid chemical is in potential cost savings compared to an aerosol spray counterpart. However, a large volume compound must be dispensed through an appropriate mechanism to atomize and transport it to the surface. Slide provides most of our products in one, five and 55-gallon containers. Here’s a quick rundown of our most popular dispensing options.

Charge It!

Charge-It! is a refillable and rechargeable aerosol accessory. Simply fill the hand-held canister with a liquid bulk product and charge with compressed air, up to 150 PSI. The unit will then function similarly to an aerosol item but results in potential dollars saved by using a bulk formulation.

High-pressure air is the propelling apparatus to aid in both the atomization of a liquid and supplying of the product. Slide’s dependable and durable accessory features nickel-plated aluminum construction and comes with an assortment of spray tips to accommodate high or low flow rate, fine mist with a wide conical spray pattern, and high flow mist. Other nozzle heads are available by request.

Air-O-Spray System for Compressed Air

This easy-to-handle device is specially made for use with Slide bulk products. The hand-held spray unit was designed to remain connected to your plant’s com­pressed air system. A thumb trigger activates the sprayer which works with the compressed air creating propulsion.

Air-O-Spray features a combination of internal and external action that allows mold releases, mold cleaners or rust preventives to be atomized at low pressure and low mist. It operates well with any air compressor providing 50 PSI.

Chemical-Resistant Pump Spray Bottle

Pump spray bottles are an economical solution to dispensing Slide bulk products. This trigger-type hand pumped sprayer comes with a polyethylene, chemically resistant bottle to hold the liquid. It’s conveniently packaged two per box.

Freedom Automatic Spray Unit

The plug-and-spray Freedom unit works with Slide’s aerosol cylinder products, and also with liquid/bulk formulations when used with the pressure pot. It’s easy to handle, functions autonomously from the molding machinery, and requires no hard wiring (plugs directly into a 110V, 15 amp outlet).

The automatic configuration ensures a consistent, smooth output, thus saving money by using less mold release formula. The portable system is self-contained, simple to install and virtually maintenance free. It comes with an easily program­mable control panel, two 10-ft. spray hoses including affixed nozzles, a proximity sensor, 10-ft. tank hose and 10-ft. power cord.

Additional features and benefits

How to use the Freedom unit (video)

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Contact one of our experienced factory experts about how a bulk solution and delivery system might be advantageous to your plant’s operations.

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