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Reduce Your Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs with SHARP

SHARP Hazardous Waste Disposal Program
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On July 1, Slide Products became the first aerosol manufacturer in the plastics industry to offer a hazardous aerosol return service. Called the Slide Hazardous Aerosol Return Program (SHARP), this new service helps you reduce hazardous waste disposal costs, keep hazmat out of the waste stream and protect our country’s ground water.

Slide Products’ SHARP service is free. You simply return used Slide-labeled aerosol cans to Slide Products for proper hazmat waste disposal. You only need to pay to return the used aerosols to Slide’s hazardous waste disposal team in Wheeling, IL.

Aerosol Can Disposal

If you are properly disposing of aerosol cans, having them picked up by a hazardous waste disposal firm, there could be a fee based on weight, environmental fee, pallet fee and a pick-up fee.

Slide estimates the cost of proper disposal of an aerosol can is between 10 cents and 12 cents per can.

By returning your used Slide aerosol cans, eliminating all the fees, you could actually save more than the cost of shipping the cans back to Slide.

SHARP is the latest in a series of efforts taken by Slide to properly manage the hazardous waste it generates and reduce its impact on the environment. Any remnant chemical waste Slide produces is collected, incinerated and turned into energy sold back to the power company. This decreases the load placed on landfills and helps prevent dangerous materials from polluting the environment.

In addition, Slide has invested in a new solar array at its manufacturing facilities. The array is producing up to 42% of the energy needed to manufacture our products.

To get started with SHARP or find more information, please go to Or contact Michael Muth at Slide Products by phone: 1-800-323-6433 / 1-847-541-7220 or email:

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