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NSF-certified Replaces FDA‑approved

NSF Food-Grade Certification

Food packaging manufacturers can stop looking for “FDA-approved” verifiers, and ensure that products used are in compliance with “NSF certification”. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sanction has been a source of confusion for years because it never really existed. Plastics processors should be purchasing products that are described as compliant with the “National Sanitation Foundation” (NSF) and the “Code of Federal Regulations” (CFR), Title 21 certifications.

One of the functions of NSF is to certify non-food products to be permitted for use in manufacturing or processing facilities. This organization has the ability to certify greases, rust preventives, mold cleaners, mold releases and other items that would be found in a plastics processing plant in which there is potential exposure to food.

The relevant category codes for products similar to those manufactured by Slide are as follows:

NSF H1 – Food Grade Lubricants

These lubricants and anti-rust solutions are allowable in situations where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. They may also act as release agents on gaskets or seals of tank closures and must be formulated in compliance with CFR, Title 21, Section 178.3570 and other sections referenced therein. You should always use the minimum amount required to accomplish the equipment treatment needed. Any anti-rust film should be removed before putting the machinery back into service.

Examples of Slide’s NSF H1 compliant products:

White Rhino Rust Preventive
Super Grease Aerosol: Clear, High Temperature

NSF M1 – Food Grade Mold Releases

These products are designated to be acceptable for use as mold release agents on equipment used to produce packaging material that will contact food. This is important since it does prevent the finished product from adhering to the mold. As with H1 lubricants, the total applied should always be the least amount required.

Examples of Slide’s NSF M1 compliant products:

EconoMIST Mold Release Spray
SSL Mold Release Agent

NSF P1 – Miscellaneous Food Grade Products

This classification includes products that function as a mold cleaner or degreaser on mold equipment for plastic parts in non-food processing areas. The work zones should remain at ambient temperature or above, where rinsing of the equipment is not possible. A potable water rinse is required after application of these compounds unless present on hard mold surfaces in which case they should be adequately wiped off with no visible residue remaining.

Slide NSF P1 compliant product examples:

Mold Cleaner 4
NEXGEN Mold Cleaner
On/Cycle Mold Cleaner
IPA Mold Cleaner

Best Compliance Standard

NSF certification is now the most reliable way to ensure your product has been reviewed and is acceptable for use in an intended application. Be sure to look for the NSF logo and category on the product label.

Slide Is Your Guide

Our customers know that they can count on the Slide staff and distributors to assist them in finding the right NSF-certified products that best suit their individual needs. We offer free trial samples so you can see that our products are as good as we say they are! For comprehensive support that we have been proudly providing for nearly 70 years, contact your local Slide distributor, call us at 1-800-323-6433, email us, or visit our website at

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