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Vol 1 Issue 4

Eliminate Flashing Problems, New Purge Calculator & First NSF-certified Mold Cleaner

Flashing problems

How to become a tooling troubleshooter, not a tooling replacer

Technicians who are skilled at troubleshooting pay attention to the details that could make a big difference at their shop, consistently follow proven troubleshooting techniques, and use historical data...
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Purging cost calculator

Use this new purging cost calculator and then make room in your garage

If you can consider shaking up the status quo you can calculate the cost to purge and yearly savings using this simple online calculator. Some quick math can have you thinking about your next set of wheels...
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NSF-certified mold cleaner

The first and only mold cleaner registered NSF P1 for food applications

Are you molding plastics used for food applications? You now have an NFS registered mold cleaner, degreaser for use on mold equipment.
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