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Slide Products Sticky Situations Enewsletter

Vol 1 Issue 12

New VOC Regulations

Stricter regulations on VOC’s are coming for industry

Due to political pressure and the desire to continue seeing gains in air quality, CARB has started to shift its focus to include “industrial products” commonly used in manufacturing.
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A Tale of Two Ejector Pin Lubes

Why ejector pins need two lubricants

There is a two-pronged solution to maximizing part quality while at the same maximizing the performance of pins. One lubricant for the back 80% of the pin. One lubricant for the forward 20% of the pin.
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Reduce Machine Downtime

Mechanical vs Chemical Purging

Savvy molders understand the cost of purging includes machine downtime. Think how much cost is involved in shutting down and purging for 30 minutes or more...
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