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Achieving a Clearly Better Clean Using Isopropyl Alcohol for Glass & Substrates

IsoPropyl Alcohol for Glass and Substrates
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Window maker clearly sees the advantages of using IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) for cleaning

A large manufacturer of glass found the convenience of IsoPropyl Alcohol aerosol perfect for making the best impression for their customers.

A maker of glass windows, glass doors, glass walls and glass panels needed to get all that glass squeaky clean after installers were done. A perfect install is when customers don’t even see the glass. All they see is the great outdoors. No smudges, dirt or hand prints.

Aerosol IsoPropyl Alcohol (IPA) is a great cleaner with just a little scent that quickly removes grease, dirt, fingerprints and more for glass so clean you don’t even know the glass is there.

Digital printers clean substrates with IPA

Before they print, digital print shops clean their substrates with isopropyl alcohol. Unlike denatured alcohol, which leaves a film or haze on the surface of the substrate, IPA leaves no residue. The surface is clean and dry, so printers get a high-quality print with deep rich colors.

Slide Products has IPA IsoPropyl Alcohol cleaner in both aerosol form and liquid. It is NSF P1 registered and is a California VOC compliant aerosol.

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