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Slide’s Ongoing Website Enhancements

Slide Products Website Enhancements

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Slide continues to make improvements to our website in order to create the best possible experience for our customers and visitors. Recently our marketing/web development partner revamped the entire product area to streamline and optimize the browsing and shopping experience.

Here are some items that have been redesigned on the site to enhance functionality and overall user friendliness:

  • The site navigation was reworked earlier this year to get you where you need to go with a single click.
  • The product category pages now display large, easy-to-read labels and are filterable in real time with checkboxes that are pertinent to each specific category.
  • The individual product pages now show renderings of all packaging formulations that correspond to a list with quantity boxes for easy ordering.
  • The Safety Data Sheets (SDS) can be filtered first to display All, Aerosol or Liquid, and then further to show All, OSHA, Canada WHMIS 2015, Mexico GHS or EU/Asia. The TDS are also sortable and are now available for every variation.
  • Any other documents associated with the product (such as NSF approvals) are also viewable and ready to download.
  • The product label specifications are included on each page and can be read with a single click.
  • The site search is upgraded to a “smart search” database-driven application that anticipates and lists what you’re looking for as soon as you start typing your query. You can then mouse or toggle to the appropriate selection.
  • We’ve added a collection of new informative videos about products/services, operations and interviews with the Slide team.

We think you’ll also appreciate that this intuitive interface has been improved on all modern platforms and devices, whether you prefer a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Slide’s goal is to have the most functional and user-friendly website in our industry. We are always happy to hear suggestions from our customers on possible improvements, or if you have any issue while browsing our site.

Never Waste a Drop – The Little Black Dot

The Little Black Dot on Aerosol Cans

There is a way to ensure that you’re getting every ounce of product from almost any aerosol can, including all of those made by Slide. There’s a small black mark at the top of the canister just under the spray tip.

Be sure to rotate the spray tip to align with the black dot, tilting it slightly so that the mark faces downward. The liquid in the can will then flow to the lowest point and subsequently will flow up and out the nozzle head. The ability to use every drop of product from an aerosol container will not only help minimize expenses but is good for the environment. See the full article for more details.

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