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Betsi Burns Appointed New Slide Sales Manager

Announcing Betsi Burns as New Sales Manager at Slide

We’re anxious to share some very exciting news from our Slide team. As of January 1, Betsi Burns has taken over the position of Sales Manager. After spending the past 3+ years learning all the ins and outs of the sales department and Slide’s policies / procedures overall, Betsi has gained the needed experience to provide new strategic insights into Slide’s business and marketing efforts.

Betsi took her first big step into the injection molding and mold making sectors with a position at Boride Engineered Abrasives. She became friends with Michael and the Slide team over the years as they shared common distributors and would often meet in person at industry trade functions. Her outgoing personality, communica­tion skills and quick wit are endearing and have helped to facilitate her success throughout her professional career.

Betsi will be taking over this position from Michael Muth, who is not going anywhere but will be able to get away from some of the tedious daily whirlwind and better focus on overseeing larger, long-term projects. Throughout the past months, Michael has been working along with Aaron Gibson and Lisa Kasper exploring necessary oppor­tunities to expand operations in general. These include ware­house augmentation, securing new storage tanks and an impending migration to a more advanced ERP system.

Now that we have increased our manage­ment bandwidth, and feel we have all “the right butts in the right seats” in Lisa, Betsi and Aaron, we can move forward with tasks that have been postponed while continuing to meet all our day-to-day operations and requirements.

Slide Expert Factory Representatives

Slide’s team of factory experts – Jeff Lewis, Juan Grino and Brian Bullard – will continue their solid efforts of traveling, meeting and supporting our customers and distributors. They will keep persevering with their immeasur­able expertise and proficiency at problem-solving in the field.

With Betsi in this well-deserved new position, we believe that Slide’s insight into the industry will expand and strengthen. Read more...

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