January 9th, 2024

Slide is enthusiastically announcing the appointment of Betsi Burns as Sales Manager, effective January 1. Betsi originally joined Slide Products a little over three years ago in the capacity of Business Development Manager, with over 22 years of experience in the mold and die making industry.

Betsi Burns

President and previous acting Sales Manager, Michael Muth, sees this as a new chapter in Slide’s ability to continually grow and support their distributors and customer base. With this change securely in place, Michael will be focusing more on the company’s overall direction. He’s currently working on several larger projects that will strive to meet future endeavors and challenges.

Betsi possesses a diverse professional background, from real estate agent to a PR/marketing firm specializing in the travel industry. She took her first big step into the injection molding and mold making sectors when she obtained a position at Boride Engineered Abrasives. She became friends with Michael and the team over the years as both companies shared common distributors and would often meet face-to-face at industry trade functions.

The whole Slide team is excited about this transition, as put best by Michael: “When Betsi agreed to join Slide, we laid out a 3-4-year plan to help shift from her traditional sales role into one of leadership, collaborating alongside Slide’s existing team of sales experts. Betsi has taken a notable familiarity in mold making and combined it with her know-how in injection molding to build a solid understanding of how she can adeptly benefit our customers, distributors and staff. Betsi will take over the daily operations of Slide’s sales department, offering her history and vast skillset thus enabling us to maintain best-in-industry knowledge and top-notch customer service. I am excited to see how Betsi helps Slide navigate in this next phase of our company’s history.”

Betsi’s outgoing personality, communication skills and sense of humor are endearing qualities that have facilitated her success through the years: “I’m happy and honored to be entrusted with this new role and am looking forward to what it holds. The entire Slide family has been incredible in their support of me over the past three years – always available during the learning process about products and procedures. I learned so much from all of you and sincerely appreciate everything you’ve shared. I’m already immersed in thought over our industry’s possibilities and opportunities and how together we can best prepare for 2024. One thing I know for sure is that I’m grateful to be part of Slide and confident that we will be ready!”

With Betsi in this well-deserved position, the Slide team believes that the company’s insight into the industry will strengthen. She welcomes any thoughts or ideas that our associates may have and looks forward to hearing from you. Contact Betsi via email.


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