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How long should it take to purge
high temp engineering-grade resins?

High Temp Engineer-Grade Resins
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Are you running PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP, PEI (Ultem™) or other resins requiring extremely high melt and processing temps? You likely are experiencing unnecessarily long downtimes for color and resin changes. You are also incurring more expense and running more test shots before you can return to full production. Thoroughly removing carbon contamination and buildup created by operating at temps up to 700ºF can even require pulling the screw and barrel. That is hours of lost production.

Using a purging compound engineered to be effective and stable at temperatures up to 750ºF will dramatically shorten purge times. Color and resin changes are fast. The amount of resin required is significantly reduced. Fewer test shots are required as specks and streaks are eliminated. And you don’t have to pull the screw and barrel.

Introducing new Hi-Temp Purge Compound

New Hi-Temp Purge Compound works at temps up to 750ºF to quickly and thoroughly clear all residue and carbon buildup.

Change colors. Change resins. Change fast.

Standard purging compounds burn at your engineer-grade resin’s molding temperatures. Hi-Temp Purge Compound is stable up to 750ºF, removing carbon contamination and build-up, helping you avoid pulling the screw and barrel. You bring your machine back online fast, make fewer test shots, and start full production quickly.

Hi-Temp Purge

Our Engineers Help You Re-capture Production

A tweak here. An adjustment there. Our engineers help molders develop the most efficient procedures to achieve the shortest downtime. Hours of downtime, pounds of resin and pounds of purging compound have been reduced by half and less.

When using Hi-Temp Purge Compound the first time, we encourage you to take advantage of our free advice and supervision from Slide engineers. Time spent reviewing procedures with our engineers helps molders find the most efficient procedure to get the most effective, shortest purge.

Try Our Purge Calculator

Slide has an online purge calculator that helps you see the cost of your current purging procedure and compare it to your cost using Hi-Temp Purge. You’ll see just how much a purge costs you in downtime and materials, as well as how much you might save.

Schedule a Free Purge Consultation

Turn downtime into production time. Slide offers free consultations and free assistance with purge trials. Use the links below to request a consult via our website form, by phone, by email, or with your local Slide distributor.

Request a free purge consultation


Find your local distributor here

Phone: 800-323-6433 (8am-4pm Central M-F)

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