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Fun Slide Advertising Memorabilia

Slide Advertising Memorabilia

During the process of cleaning house for a recent video/photo shoot at Slide headquarters, we came across a trove of old memorabilia dating all the way back to our company’s origins in the 60s and 70s. Included in these items were ads, posters, catalogs, product labels, magazine and newspaper articles.

Our marketing partner’s team archived, photographed, scanned and digitized these pieces. We thought it might be fun to share a few of these with our customers and offer you a glimpse of Slide’s history.

Slide Tap-It and No-Rust Posters

Product posters circa the 1960s. Note the original company name was Perc E. Harms Co. and later changed to Percy Harms Corporation. Even though Percy Harms was his actual name, he was worried that people might pronounce it as “Perky Harms”.

Slide Catalog Covers

A classic Percy Harms catalog cover and an ad showing our mission to be industry problem-solvers, which continues to be Slide’s goal in 2022.

Slide Product Labels and Packaging

Slide early product packaging

Slide No-Rust on Fishing Pole

And finally, thorough No-Rust product testing on a fishing rod!

We hope you enjoyed a little time-traveling through Slide’s illustrious company history. For more information, visit our history page and our memorabilia blog article.

Plant Shutdown Announcement – October 5-7

After all the craziness we have experienced over the past 2-1/2 years, with covid, remote work and general uncertainty, keeping employees connected and engaged has been an ongoing challenge. We’ve decided to do a reset in October to let everyone on our team take a breath and reconnect.

To accomplish this, our leadership team has decided to close the plant from October 5-7 (Wednesday through Friday to get our staff away from the office and participate in a long-term planning and strategy session. Please make a note that Slide will not be processing or shipping orders on these dates. We’ll be back fully charged and ready to serve you on Monday, October 10.

New Blog – Purging Solutions

Purging Success Story featuring Jeff Lewis

After an initial encounter with a frustrated customer at a trade show, Slide’s purging guru and local distributor teamed up for a visit, assessment and solution. Read more...