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Vol 1 Issue 8

Turn Purge Hours to Minutes, Make Mold Wear Predictable & Why to Use an Industrial Strength Grease

How a molder turned hours into minutes by changing purge

True Story: How a molder turned hours into minutes by changing purge

A molder using lots of different colors spent 45-60 minutes purging to eliminate streaks and specks when he needed to start molding white. Here’s how he pared down purging time to just minutes....
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Wear oh wear did my metal mold go bad?

Make wear predictable

A recent article in the MoldingMaking Technology Mold Maintenance and Repair Supplment is a valuable read. If you didn’t see it, it’s worth 5 minutes of your time to see how one molder works on continuous improvement...
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Upgrade to an industrial strength Grease

Maybe its time to upgrade to an industrial strength grease

Penetrant Plus eclipses the lubricating, de-squeaking power of your everyday grease. With significantly more PTFE, this non-silicone formulation is a powerful partner in the war against sticking....
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