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The Price vs. Value Conundrum

Cost versus Value Conundrum

This is an equation that we wrangle with every time we purchase a product or service, both in our personal lives and professional careers. During these current times of inflation and rising prices, the temptation (or the need) to shop by price without considering the ultimate value becomes commonplace.

Ron Kaufman once said, “Customers pay a price, but they remember the value.” Careful research and consideration of this paradox, especially involving larger purchases, can help set your mind at ease that you are getting the best possible value for what you are procuring.

Aside from the buying of an actual product, the value can manifest itself in many ways and sometimes it can take weeks, months or even years to fully grasp the relative benefits. Some questions to ask yourself before making a spending decision:

  • What type of short- and long-term ongoing support can I expect from the seller after the purchase?
  • What guarantees are there that the product or service will perform as promised?
  • What recourse might I have if I am not satisfied?
  • If I am purchasing for a business, how will this ultimately affect the bottom line?

Slide understands the many quandaries that face our plastic injection molding customers at every level of their business, particularly when it comes to acquiring their mold maintenance items. We recognize that the value of our products extends past the superior quality of our formulations. That’s why when you order a product from Slide, it comes with a team of experts and a solid company that goes above and beyond most in terms of customer service and ongoing support. The success of our customers in their injection molding operations goes hand in hand with our ongoing growth and partnerships.

Slide Top Tier Service Program

Our purge cost calculator was designed to help you determine the potential savings in using a Slide purging compound versus your current purge process.

Slide’s focus on value is manifested by our wide range of complimentary services through our Top Tier Service program. Some of the perks we offer include on-site productivity assessments, best practices training and written articles, free product samples, a cylinder return and refill program, diligent local distributor network, and overall strong environmental commitment – just to name a few. See our latest blog for more information about the cost versus value equation.

Contact us and let Slide’s team of experts assist you in being certain you are maximizing your molding performance value.

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