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Mold cleaners for injection and extrusion operations have a critical job to do in dissolving and removing resins, grease, oil and other contaminants that can leave molded parts damaged and affect the life of a mold. The right mold cleaner is one that is formulated specifically for the job. Mold cleaners are designed for removing tough resin deposits, silicone and other contaminants, with some formulations customized for the temperature at which they are used and by the products being molded. Read More...

Choosing the Right Mold Cleaner
Temperature differences can impact the effectiveness of a mold cleaning product. Solvents that work well on the bench and evaporate at a convenient rate may flash off too rapidly on a hot mold and aren't in contact long enough to do much cleaning.

Solvents that work well at higher temperatures are less effective at room temperature. They take longer to evaporate or may have to be wiped off.

Cleaning Molds At The Bench
Offline mold cleaners are used primarily to dissolve resins, silicone, oil, mold release, and sometimes rust, along with other contaminants. They require a rapid evaporation rate. The best cleaners for this are formulations which rapidly remove resins and silicones by flushing the mold with a heavy top-to-bottom spray.

Mold releases and resin build-up may require scrubbing with a cloth saturated with mold cleaner. Pre-saturated mold cleaning wipes are an effective offline mold cleaning option, especially for medical molding and clean rooms.

Another option for offline mold cleaning is the use of a mold polish and cleaning compound. Typically a paste that combines cleaning solvents and mild abrasives, a mold polish has the added benefit of leaving a sheen on the mold surface, which serves as a natural lubricant and release.


Cleaning Molds At The Machine
Online cleaners are generally used to remove mold release build up, plate out of resins and light rusting of the mold. Often molds get plate out, which is due to the adhesion of resins (such as Delrin or Celcon) or fire-retardant materials. Such build-up must be chemically removed from the mold surface to minimize potential part deformation. A resin-removing product can chemically work to break down the material and remove unwanted resin from the mold surface.

A sampling of Slide best-selling injection mold cleaning products include:

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Mold Cleaner 4 (No. 46910)

Slide’s most popular mold cleaner

NSF category P1

Evaporates fast, leaves no residue

Injection Mold Cleaner Wipes (No. 46370)

Pre-saturated cleaning towels

Quickly removes mold release, grease, or oil from a mold surface

Use for prepping molds for production or storage

NEXGEN Mold Cleaner (No. 46410)

NSF category P1

Offers more cleaning strength than other "natural" mold cleaners

Can be used to help break down resin deposits

Quick Injection Mold Cleaner (No. 40910P)

Cleans quickly without wiping

Fast evaporating and leaves no residue

Recommended for use on molds at room temperature

Econo-Spray® Mold Cleaner (No. 45612)

Food-grade for indirect food contact

Very low odor

Quickly removes mold release, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces

On/Cycle Mold Cleaner (No. 44212)

Use on warm molds at the press

NSF category P1

Quickly removes mold release, grease and oil from mold surfaces

Resin Remover Mold Cleaner Aerosol (No. 41914)

Use to unclog mold vents

Removes resin build-up from polyacetal, PVC, urethane and flame-retardant additives

Removes most color deposits and stains

X-EMPT Injection Mold Cleaner (No. 47410)

Fast evaporating

Contains only EPA-exempt VOC compounds

Surpasses California’s CARB standards

NFC Mold Cleaner (No. 47112)

Contains no flammable ingredients

Quickly removes mold release, grease and oil from mold surfaces

Plastic Cleaner with FOAMaction (No. 41515)

Just spray and wipe

Ideal for cleaning plastic parts, and helps remove mold release prior to secondary operations

IPA Isopropyl Alcohol Mold Cleaner (No. 47212)

NSF category P1

Evaporates fast and leaves no residue

California VOC compliant aerosol (74.9% VOC).

Citra Cling Injection Mold Cleaner (No. 46515)

Clings to surfaces for maximum performance

Water-based high density foam

Removes mold releases, dirt, oil and greases from mold surface

Polish Cleaner Mold Cleaner (No. 43310)

Also known as “Old Yellow”

Water-based liquid mold cleaner

Removes stains and mold deposits

Mold Polish Injection Mold Cleaner (No. 45216)

Paste-type mold polish

Cleans and restores mold surfaces

Removes plate-out, oxidation and stains

Silicone Remover Plastic Parts Cleaner (No. 43001B)

Concentrated soap to be diluted 50:1 with water

Completely removes all traces of silicone oil from molded parts

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