Injection Mold Release & Cleaner Accessories

Aerosol & Bulk Liquid Delivery Systems with Accessories

Slide offers a variety of helpful aerosol and bulk liquid delivery systems, plus accessories, to help you maximize production and reduce costs.

Our time-saving accessories include spray systems, pressure pots, and more that work seamlessly with our mold releases, mold cleaners, and rust preventives to help you maintain optimal production around the clock. Read More...

These include our Freedom automatic spray units which automatically deliver mold releases or other products to specific mold locations. The user can easily program the spray unit to deliver product at specific times, customizing the unit’s pressure and direction for accuracy and efficiency.


Slide also offers a variety of other spray units to efficiently apply mold releases, mold cleaners, ejector pin grease and rust preventives. Handheld sprayers to be used in conjunction with Slide’s bulk or liquid formulations that work with your compressed air are also available.

Some of Slide’s top accessories include:

  • Freedom Automatic Spray Unit: An easy-to-program, complete control unit that comes with two 10-foot spray hoses, a proximity sensory, a 10-foot tank hose, and a power cord.
  • Charge-It! Refillable & Rechargeable Aerosol Accessory: A dependable, well-constructed can made of nickel-plated aluminum. With a similar look and feel to regular aerosol cans, this accessory can be filled with liquid bulk product and charged with compressed air up to 150 PSI.
  • Air-O-Spray System: An easy-to-handle unit that is ideal for use with bulk products. Operating entirely on the atomizing principle of pressure, this unit combines internal and external action in which mold releases, cleaners and rust preventives can be atomized at low pressure and mist.
  • Chemical-Resistant Pump Spray Bottle: Ideal for use with Slide’s bulk products, this chemical-resistant spray bottle is designed to last. Sold as a two-pack, the bottle operates with a comfortable pump handle and includes measurement guides on the side of the bottle.

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Freedom Automatic Spray Unit (No. 43200)

Just plug and spray, operates autonomously from the molding machinery

Easy to use, no hard wiring required, plugs directly into any 110V, 15amp outlet

Magnet for Freedom Unit Spray Head (No. 43200M)

Set of two magnets for Freedom Uit Spray Head

Postion spray heads exaclty where you need them

Pressure Pot (No. 43200JP)

To be used in place of our pressurized cylinder

Air-O-Spray System for Compressed Air (No. 42202)

This easy-to-handle unit is specially designed for use with Slide bulk products.

Handheld Sprayer with Hose (No. 43100M)

Recommended for all of Slide’s cylinder products.

Charge-It! Refillable & Rechargeable Aerosol Accessory (No. 43600)

Fill the Slide Charge-It! with a liquid bulk product and charge with compressed air

Chemical-Resistant Pump Spray Bottle (No. 42300)

Package of 2 units per box. To be used with Slide bulk products.

Spray Can Holder (No. 43800)

Organize your space and keeps cans in place.

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