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Mold Releases, Cleaners & Rust Preventives: Why Slide Products

Slide Guy

Question: When does an aerosol product offer you and your company benefits beyond the ordinary?

Answer: When that product:

  • is backed by more than 70 years of industry specific experience
  • is personally supported by more than 200 local and stocking distributors
  • comes with an unparalleled level of customer service and technical support
  • is designed and manufactured with the highest standards in the industry
  • flat out works better than the competitive offering!

Slide Products began supporting plastic processors in 1953 with a silicone mold release and a basic rust preventive product. Since that time, our product line has expanded to offer more than 25 general and specific-use mold releases, the best selling mold cleaner, a unique dry formulation rust preventive, purging compounds, mold polishes, and specialized ejector pin greases. No other company can supply you with the multitude of product solutions that Slide offers.

And nobody else has over 200 distribution points located all around the United States and in many other countries. Only Slide, through our extensive network of local stocking distributors, can get you product any time and every time. Suppose it’s 4:00 Friday afternoon, and you just noticed that you are out of mold release. Try calling a catalog supplier to see whether they can get you product to help keep your operations going. Or better yet, call your local and stocking Slide distributor. You very well may be able to have product in-hand by 5:00, with no production interruptions. Only Slide and our network of distributor partners can offer such a high level of service and support.

What if you inherit a molding job that turns out to be more difficult than initially anticipated? A Slide distributor is always available to stop by your facility and to provide personal technical support. Try getting that level of support from a catalog. And the Slide distributor has extensive knowledge that reaches far beyond the Slide line. These experts can provide assistance with mold design, heater elements, machinery and other technical aspects of your operations. A Slide distributor is an asset available to help improve your operations. Get expert advice on ways to maximize your molding performance at NO CHARGE with our Top Tier Service. We are now offering:

  • Productivity Assessments (in person or virtual)
  • Best Practices Training, On-Site (lunch & learn)
  • Free Product Samples
  • Field Support

This is the Slide way. We provide the best product at the most competitive price backed up by the highest level of personal and local support. Nobody else in the industry is capable of offering you all of this.

So give Slide a try today. We offer free samples for all of our products so that you can be convinced that they will make your molding operations more efficient. And the next time you’ve got a problem that keeps you awake at night call your local Slide distributor. They will have the solutions.


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